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Why Portgall?

Because we truly believe that the main purpose of a trip or an experience is always the meeting with someone and with ourselves.
Because we truly believe this is a unique opportunity to find out about the historical, social and cultural wealth of these humble Portuguese people with a great soul.
Because we are engaged in turning this meeting a voyage filled with faces, all done with special proximity to the natives and their customs, and in a creative, rigorous and simple way.
Because it dignifies both the tourists and those who welcome them. Especially, when it is done face to face emphasizing the human dimension and the economic, social and ecological sustainability of the population.


Portgall makes it easy for an International DIY tourist to access, via Web or Mobile, a wide range of experiences and activities he can choose to do in a specific place and time, all in accordance to the guidelines you’ve read in the “Why” text. This approach allows the tourist to design and experience his trip according to his preferences, all done and assisted in an easy mobile way.
To optimize your DIY trip we create and offer you pleasant, different and amazing experiences, always in a specific context taking you to a deep contact with the Portuguese people, that will allow you an immersion in our history and culture (meant for small groups).
We try to design these experiences in a way that the tourist can easily pick them and freely interlock them, like pieces of a puzzle which you will do by yourself, building your trip as your own experience.


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