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Christmas Eve in Porto

22 Dec, 2016, By Manuel A.

The Christmas Eve is probably my favourite event in the year calendar. This is the only time of the year that still brings me my childhood memories – the aromas, flavours and feelings of my warm and cosy past.

The night of the 24th of December still bears the same unique aura as it did when I was a child. All the rooms of the house get filled with familiar faces (some of them I haven’t seen for a while) and lots of warm and cosy aromas: liqueurs, chocolate, cinnamon, codfish, candlewax and cheese.

Thankfully, presents are only a small part in all the Christmas frenzy at my place. The main event that night is the codfish dinner carefully prepared during the afternoon. Like any other Portuguese person I eat codfish almost every week, but there’s no doubt these tender dish tastes like never before this night. The cheerful glittery aura floating around us seems to season it also, turning a simple salted fish into a delicacy no one shuns.

For me, Christmas is a family celebration, and the bigger the family the better the party. These are glorious festive days, but when there are little children running around, eating rabanadas (a cinnamon-Port wine flavoured Christmas delicacy, similar to a French toast, only better) and pudding with their fingers, and ravaging through wrapping paper things seems even happier. I believe little children are truly the Christmas dynamo every family wishes for.

Merry Christmas everybody!

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