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Olive Oil TastingPorto

This is a sensory experience around one of the oldest and most appreciated product of the Portuguese culture - the olive oil. With this experience we will take you in a trip to a wonderful, new universe, for you to admire what’s behind the olive oil: the olive trees, the olives, and even the tin cans with the olive oil itself. There are also tools made of olive trees and pastries made with the oil that you’ll get to know, thus getting more familiar with this ancient art of working with the olive tree.Besides seeing all these, you will have the opportunity to taste different types of exquisite olive oil, accompanied with wheat bread. And since in Portugal we work so hard to combine what we’re the best at, for instance the olive oil and the national wine, this olive oil tasting will also be accompanied with a glass of red or white Douro wine. This whole experience will be conducted with the help of a connoisseur of this delicacy, who will help you choosing the olive oil that better fits your palate.During this sensory experience you will be in contact with other products related to the olive trees, such as the mixture of biological olives, olive oil and herbs; plus the olive paste and the delicious pâté made of olive oil, dried tomatoes and cheese, preserved in olive oil. You will also be surprised with the orange and olive oil, and all the pastry made with this marvellous and exquisite product of our lowlands.Join us and get delighted with the richest treasure of the Portuguese gastronomy.

Duration: 1h30

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- Please inform us of any allergies or food intolerance, so your request can be noted in your reservation.
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