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A Pleasant Surprise

27 Jul, 2016, By Sílvia

One of my recent walks through Porto led me to the Cathedral. I was distracted, absent minded, trying to select the freshest, shadowy path to protect me from the strong sun that we’ve felt these days, when I found myself surrounded by tourists, next to the Cathedral. This place is becoming more and more different, more popular, more central, with all the good and bad things it always entails. But there was something that made me particularly surprised.

There, under the huge “medieval”  Pelourinho (a pillory), which, after all, is only 71 years old, I found a sympathetic nun. Well, an actress playing a nun, to be quite honest.

Without realizing it, I had arrived at the starting point of Portgall’s Porto of Storytellers, a project which I was part of in a more embryonic stage, writing some of the content for it.

It was with huge pleasure that I came across the physical result of the hard work of plenty of people over several months, work that had solely one purpose – give Porto’s tourism a fresh, fun and completely different approach from what we find today in this city, a city already quite saturated.

I enjoyed seeing the materiality of some of our meetings in the presence of that beautiful nun.

It felt good to look at the little book of the Experience and remember the conversations we had had over the many meetings, and the choices we had made reflected in this booklet. To remember the words and catchphrases we had put on the board trying to answer the question “Why?” Coming to life.

“Getting people to know the city’s history through the simple folk stories that raised the city from nothing”. It all started here.

Obviously, I embarked on this adventure with sincere delight, both instigated by the thirst to see my Porto shining under a new light, but also trying to experience and enjoy the result of my work.

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