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Why Portgall?

Because we truly believe that the main purpose of a trip or an experience is always an encounter with someone and with ourselves.

Because we truly believe this is a unique opportunity to find out about the historical, social and cultural wealth of these humble Portuguese people with a great soul.

Because we are committed to turning this meeting into a voyage filled with faces, where everything is done with special proximity to the natives and their customs, in a creative and rigorous, but simple way.

Because it dignifies both the tourists and those who welcome them. Especially when it’s done face to face, emphasizing the human dimension and the economic, social and ecological sustainability of the population.

What do We do?

Come in a voyage through experiences with Portgall, where everything is designed for a more authentic immersion in the Portuguese way of life and its culture.

For this and to optimize your experiential trip, we work incessantly with the local authorities to identify and develop a panoply of amazing experiences. From a bike tour near the Douro River or tasting some of the Portuguese gastronomy relics, to the discovery of the Porto of the past in the city of nowadays – a wide range of stimulating experiences and activities to give you the purest sense of fulfilment.


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