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A romantic getaway in Porto

This romantic getaway is an impossible to miss opportunity for any romance. Come to Porto for a short retreat of three days and find out how incredibly romantic this city can be. We selected some activities to be experienced as a couple and some Guest Houses to provide you with the better and most romantic side of this city, in a unique and passionate experience.

The Port Wine Cellars are the perfect place to find out the intensity and richness of this marvellous wine. To put the cherry on top, while you taste this velvety wine, you will listen to “Fado”, the music from and for the heart and soul, in this fantastic space with hundreds of years. You will also have the opportunity to enjoy a dinner for two in a vessel in the Douro River and admire the sunset with your soul mate, surrounded by an incredibly romantic scenery of the Douro River and the singing of the birds.

This experience was made to give you the most freedom possible. You will have free time in the mornings and for lunch, with the activities taking place in the afternoon and beginning of the evening so that you can appreciate the moments with your soul mate and can really value your time together.

Give yourself and your loved one a few days off and rejoice yourselves with a romantic weekend in the welcoming and beautiful city of Porto.

Distinct, unique and carefully designed experience for those who truly appreciate these moments. Designed for you!

Duration: 3 days

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Day 1

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Check in

Check in the Gest House we previously selected for you.

The secrets of marvellous wine

In the middle of the afternoon go to the Vila Nova de Gaia’s Douro’s riverside. A member of Portgall will be there waiting for you and will lead you through this exciting adventure. Enjoy the visit to one of the Port Wine Cellars where you can improve your senses and your wine knowledge. In the company of an expert, explore the secrets of this marvellous wine.


After that and a short walk, enjoy in this majestic place a “Fado” concert – a traditional Portuguese music classified as intangible cultural heritage of mankind in 2011. Fado is used to express different ways of love, and as it has a very romantic sound, it can create a wonderful and intense atmosphere that can be even more pleasant when accompanied by a glass of Port Wine.

A voyage through the flavors

After this moment, you will be led to a table with a wonderful view to the Douro River and to the Porto city. During this calm, relaxing, and nice moment you will taste the typical flavours of the Portuguese gastronomy and the Portuguese wines.

Day 2

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Non Traditional Walking Tour

After having lunch, find out the city where you are in a different way. Engage in a sensorial quest for Porto’s hidden façade, a well-kept secret from outsiders and even from most of the locals. From the medieval fountains and infinite staircases, to the ruins of a grand and ancient past, let us take you on a sensorial voyage through the secrets this town keeps from everyone’s eyes. A delicacy for the senses. It’s a Non Traditional Walking Tour, in other words, an opportunity to discover the Porto only a very few know.

Boat ride

You will then board a boat for a nice ride up the golden river, listening to the seagulls’ cries, relishing on a glass of wine, and letting the last sun beams warm your heart and soul. A joyful boat ride on the calm river, just by the blue and foamy sea. An end-of-the-day journey through a scenic water course, just by the remains of the old fishing sites, with the seagulls, the river mullets and the last beams of sun light as the sole serene companions. This is all topped off and brought together by a pleasant glass of the finest Port wine. A very exclusive experience, only for two, in a boat ride you don’t want to miss and you will never forget.

Unforgettable moment

This is an extraordinary and exclusive moment, where you will have the opportunity to have a dinner for two on board, enjoying this unique and special.

Day 3

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Time to return after having your breakfast.

Services Included:

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– 2 nights in a Guest House (or similar) with breakfast
– A visit to Porto’s Cave
– The wine tastings referred guided by a specialist in the area
– The fado show and the wine tasting in one of the Port Wine Cellars
– Dinner in day 1 (drinks not included)
– Walking tour with an history professional
– The transportation to the boarding marina
– The boat ride with the view of the sunset and dinner on board ( beverage included)
– Insurance according to the Portuguese law

Services not Included:

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– Transportation to / from Porto City;
– Transfers to / from the arrival point to the guest house;
– Dinners;
– The transportation from the boarding marina
– Any additional expense will be considered personal.

Important information:

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– Please tell us in advance of any physical limitation that reduces your ability of movement or mobility.
– Please inform us of any allergies or food intolerance, so your request can be noted in your reservation.
– We recommend the use of a hat and sunscreen.
– We recommend using suitable clothing and footwear for a walk under the foreseeable weather conditions.
– In order to guarantee this price for this experience, we need to ensure at least 2 people registered. For more information please check our terms and conditions.


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