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Braga Historical and Religious Walking TourMinho

Braga is maybe the most important religious center after Fátima in Portugal. Braga is also known for its baroque churches, its splendid XVIII centuries old houses, its elegant flower gardens and its tasty gastronomy. It was founded in the Roman times with the name Bracara Augusta, and it was considered the Portuguese episcopal see in the XII Century. This was very important since, in the medieval times, it played a determinant role not only in the foundation of the Portuguese Nation, but also in the conquest of the Iberian land from the Moors. The citizens are also very proud of their colourful and splendid manor houses, built essentially during the XVIII century. This is a voyage to a beautiful city in the center of Minho, where you will find traces of History, and the ancient Bracara Augusta everywhere in the Braga of today, through genuine people, legends and the remaining traditions. All these elements were relevant for the foundation and transformation of all the country.

Duration: 3h30

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