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Relax on a boat while riding up the golden river, listening to the seagulls’ cries, relishing on a glass of wine, and letting the last sun beams warm your heart and soul. A joyful boat ride on the calm river, just by the blue and foamy sea. An end-of-the-day journey through a scenic water course, just by the remains of the old fishing sites, with the seagulls, river mullets and the last beams of sun light as the sole serene companions. This is all topped and brought together by a pleasant glass of the finest Port wine. A very exclusive experience in a small group. A boat ride you don’t want to miss.

Duration: 1h00

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- Please tell us in advance of any physical limitation that reduces your ability of movement or mobility.
- In order to guarantee this price for this experience, we need to ensure at least 5 people registered. For more information please check our terms and conditions.

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