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Jewish Tour in PortoPorto

The Jewish community is very important in the history of Porto and its presence has been felt for centuries. As they were often persecuted, their life wasn’t easy. Therefore, they tried to lead a calm life in a safe neighbourhood in the most ancient parts of the town, where they could live according to their traditions more peacefully. You will find some tenuous memories of the Jews in this city: in the “Vitoria” area (in the heart of Porto, next to Lello bookshop and the Clérigos Tower), and near the river in “Miragaia”. We will give you the opportunity to find out the traditions and habits of these people through their gastronomy, beliefs, and rituals, among other things related to their culture. This Jewish Tour in Porto is a sensory voyage through the most ancient parts of the city which has centuries of history. This extraordinary and clarifying journey ends in the Jewish Museum that is also the Synagogue of Porto, the largest one in the Iberian Peninsula. By invoking some of the many interesting items in the museum, it will be easier to relate to the history of this community in Porto, and to understand what it went through from the middle Ages till nowadays. You will also visit the prayer room of the Synagogue, the room where they were taught, Yeshivah (Jewish school), a place where many religious articles can be seen, such as - menorah, chanukiah, mezuzah, talit, kipah, tefilin -, and the Jewish Community Library of Porto.

Duration: 4h00

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