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Get to know the modern façade of Porto, visiting the works of three Pritzker Prize winners and engaging with their styles, techniques and materials in a clear and fascinating way. Explore Porto’s most modern features, following the artistic footprints of the natives Siza Vieira and Souto Moura, and those of the Dutch Rem Koolhaas. Sense this city’s Pritzker heritage by the hand of an experienced architect that will guide you through this ground breaking works that put Porto on the architectural map of the World. An enlightening journey into world class architecture.

Duration: 4h00

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- We recommend the use of an hat and sunscreen.
- Please tell us in advance of any physical limitation that reduces your ability of movement or mobility.
- Given the technical nature of the product please let us know what's the motivation behind your participation in this experiment, in order for us to adjust it to your interests.
- In order to guarantee this price for this experience, we need to ensure at least 5 people registered. For more information please check our terms and conditions.

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