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Spend a day… with an Actor of the CityPorto

Experience Porto and the history of its Theatre with the help of a well-known actor of the city. A man, who truly loves all the nooks and crannies of this city, where he was born, grew up and became an actor. You are invited to spend the whole day with him (from breakfast time till night) and to find out how his daily life as a theatre actor is. According to his agenda you will be able to participate in his daily routine, to watch the rehearsals, enter the backstage of the theatre, walk with him along Porto’s streets and visit some theatres. Throughout the day you will find out some stories and about the theatre in Porto and the Portuguese culture. All this will be made by a man, who deeply loves acting, poetry and literature. You couldn’t spend this day in a more pleasant way. This is an opportunity to appreciate the mystery of the Theatre’s world, but not as a spectator, but as an actor, on stage.

Duration: 9h00

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