Tasting Porto In A Short Weekend experience

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Tasting Porto in a short weekend

Taste some of the more exquisite Portuguese flavours in just a short weekend with this Tasting Porto Experience. We picked out a few delightful experiences you can do in this beautiful city and we assembled it with iconic Guest Houses to give you an idea of Porto’s essential flavours. An experience carefully designed for your senses.

We will take you, with professionals, to experience a journey through Porto’s delicacies and flavours. We will also make some observations about the landmarks of the city and its founding places.

It will be a very tasteful and unforgettable weekend!

Duration: 2 days

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Day 1

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A Journey into Porto’s heart

Take a pleasant walk through the scenic mysteries of this city’s Historical Centre, branded as a World Heritage site by UNESCO since 1996. A journey into Porto’s true heart and founding place, the Historic Centre. Let your eyes enjoy this immense sightseeing spot, from where you can view a huge amount of landmarks (churches, a Cathedral, mansions, gardens, and ancient military walls), and hear the history and legends that marked this beautiful spot, transforming it.


Have lunch in a very distinct restaurant, where a complete Portuguese lunch (entries, main course and dessert) will be served with an amazing view of the old city and over the river. An experience where the degustation, good wine and beauty of the spot will wake you up to an explosion of all your senses.

A voyage through the flavors

In the middle of the afternoon you will have a voyage throughout the flavours of traditional products of Porto and Portugal such as wines and liquors, the olive oil and its derivatives and the very old and traditional canned fish. Each one of these with experts who will guide you through this journey designed for the five senses.

Delight yourself with the secrets around the various tastings and learn how to recognize and define the various types of wines and olive oil amidst Portugal’s excellent winery and olive oil tradition. Feel how different regions create wines and olive oils with such diverse “personalities”. Take a tasteful trip through this country’s wines and olive oils.

Day 2

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Non Traditional Walking Tour

Come and go in a small Non Traditional Walking Tour, discovering the Porto very few know. Engage in this quest for Porto’s hidden façade, from the medieval fountains and infinite staircases, to the ruins of a grand and ancient past.

A sensorial voyage

In between let us take you on a more sensorial voyage, when we visit the city’s most famous and traditional houses of tapas, from the spicy moelas that make us grab one beer after another, to the notorious pernil with cheese sandwich, accompanied by a cool, green table wine.

Blind taste

In the middle of the afternoon take your time to go to the other side of the Douro River.

We will take you to one of the most ancient Porto’s caves, for an immersion in the extravagant world of wine. Enjoy this chance to blindly experiment the taste of multiple premium examples of the many different types of this rich and velvety wine. You will also be able to learn various tricks and tips on how to better determine their diverse characteristics and usages.

Price: 295,00 per person

Number maximum of participants per group: 10.

Number minimum of participants per group: 2.

If you are interested in performing these experience days, please contact us to +351 939 368 773 or customercare@portgall.com

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Services Included:

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– 1 night in a Guest House (or similar) with breakfast;
– Lunch on day 1 (drinks not included);
– Food consuming on the walking tour Porto’s Finger Food (drinks not included)
– Walking tours with history professionals;
– All the wine, olive oil and canned fish tasting referred are guided by a specialist in the area;
– A visit to Porto’s Cave and a Porto’s Blind Taste;
– Insurance according to the Portuguese law

Services not Included:

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– Transportation to/from Porto City;
– Transfers to/from the arrival point to the guest house;
– Dinners;
– Any additional expense will be considered personal.

Important information:

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– Please tell us in advance of any physical limitation that reduces your ability of movement or mobility.
– Please inform us of any allergies or food intolerance, so your request can be noted in your reservation.
– We recommend the use of a hat and sunscreen.
– We recommend using suitable clothing and footwear for a walk under the foreseeable weather conditions.
– In order to guarantee this price for this experience, we need to ensure at least 2 people registered. For more information please check our terms and conditions.


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