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The Cycle of the BreadMinho

The bread is of paramount importance in the history of man, and serves as the motto for this trip by the ancient traditions of the rural people of the highest lands in the Portuguese Gerês mountain ranges. Along this route, we will teach you the techniques and ancient artefacts of traditional bread making, from the harvesting and storaging of the grain in the granaries, the milling of cereals, the preparation of the dough, its baking... This is an encounter with the manufacturing of bread in Portugal, and the people who keep the ancient techniques and recipes alive, in a place of difficult access, almost lost amidst mountains and valleys. This all takes place among the beautiful landscapes of Gerês, where we will visit mills, waterfalls and forests, and we will find centuries-old traditions lost in the lap of nature and time, and taste, in the end, still warm bread, and fresh out of the ancient oven, prepared by our own hands.

Duration: 9h00

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