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The Path of the WaterMinho

This is a journey through time to the oldest town in the country, where you’ll meet rituals and make discoveries that date back to Roman times and the Middle Ages. Outside the village you’ll visit the protected area of the Bertiandos ponds, a protected area of an incalculable diversity of fauna and flora, with lush and enchanted landscapes. Come with us on this adventure in the heart of the northern region of Portugal, a journey guided by experts to one of the protected areas of greatest diversity of our region, an area of unique landscapes that you’ll surely not want to miss. We’ll walk by secular tracks of water and along the way we will have a picnic lunch on the banks of the Lima River, on a serene and laid back atmosphere. The route develops along the Lima River, passes through the protected area of Bertiandos ponds and the village 8/9 hours São Pedro de Arcos, and the return path is through the agricultural plains, along the mystic River Lethe. In the end, we will make a trip back in time to the oldest town in the country, Ponte de Lima, along the ancient walls and its most significant monuments.

Duration: 9h00

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