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The Religious DouroDouro

Join us on a serene pilgrimage through the religiosity of the people of the rough lands of the Douro valley, known worldwide for its wines. We’ll start this route in the monumental city Lamego, sprinkled with several churches and manor houses, with fundamental religious works such as the Cathedral, São Pedro de Balsemão’s church and the Nossa Senhora dos Remédios sanctuary. The Portuguese faith will then be explained by an historian and theologian, focusing on the symbolism and imagery of a deeply religious people. We will then tour along the Douro River and then south of it, in search of monasteries, shrines, churches and other sacred places. An opportunity to learn the importance of the Cistercian order in the region and in the history of Portugal, and to get to know the legends thriving in this region, never forgetting to stop and gaze upon the beauty of the Douro valley, famous for its wine producing villas, where we’ll enjoy a Port wine glass at end the day.

Duration: 10h00

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