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Join us and let yourself be surprised amazed by the "Mecca of architecture", as considered by Wallpaper (British magazine specialized in design and architecture) in 2009. Viana is a beautiful and luminous city that relates harmoniously with the Lima River and the Atlantic Ocean, and we’ll go through its historic centre and gaze upon the architectural marvels of the riverfront of the city, where one can find several buildings and projects by renowned architects, such as Fernando Távora, Alvaro Siza Vieira and Eduardo Souto Moura. A route that will leave any lovers of contemporary architecture breathless, where one can learn about the grandeur of the rehabilitation work and the choices made in each of the buildings by the various architects, in a unique landscape context, by the sea and the countryside. Always accompanied by an architect, in this adventure Viana is revealed in a surprising and bold way. Don’t miss it.

Duration: 5h00

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