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In which service is PORTGALL specialized?

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PORTGALL aims to guarantee a different touristic experience for the DIY tourist to enjoy. Our products are directed for those who like (and need) to immerse themselves in the history, culture and society of the people they’re visiting. PORTGALL works mainly with the city of Porto and Northern Region of Portugal.

In order to achieve this goal, PORTGALL provides an integrated web solution, accessible using any kind of device, making it easy to select, book and enjoy the experiences and activities, optimizing the tourist’s trip.

Thereby, using this app it’s possible for one to know all the available experiences, the events taking place around town, and other activities we’ll suggest you to do, giving you the chance to completely organize and enjoy your destiny.

The experiences are supplemented with additional info made available via Web or Mobile, allowing the tourist to know details, context and the multiple dimensions of each activity. This way, we try to guarantee a complete and thorough touristic experience for our clients and users.

How many people participate in an experience?

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PORTGALL’s experiences are focused on the development of human relationships and contact between the tourist and the city during the event, that way most of our experiences will be limited to a short number of participants at a time. You’ll find the limit of participants in the experience’s description.

However, there are some rare exceptions in which we’ll allow a bigger number of participants to the experience at the same time. This will happen whenever the experience’s characteristics make it necessary, building up a more pleasant activity for all participants.

What's PORTGALL approach?

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The tourist signals his preferences, preferably more than three, as well as the period he’ll be staying, and the app suggests a set of experiences he can book, and other events and activities he can check around the place.

Then, selecting the experiences and activities of his choice, they will appear in his travel plan, making it possible for him to freely arrange them according to his preferences, making the most of his time, and optimizing his trip experience.

After that, all that’s left is to pay the selected experiences, making it possible to automatically enjoy all supplementary information we’ll make available to him from that moment on.

What happens when I book my experience and pay?

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The booking of any experience will only be effective once the tourist makes the payment – the purchase per se.

Then, he’ll receive an email with the experience register info. The experiences will only occur after we’ve guaranteed the minimum amount of participants. This number is indicated in the experience’s details.

When receiving the details email, if the minimum number of participants is complete, the booking will be immediately presented as CONFIRMED. If not, your booking will be PENDING.

On some of the experiences the booking will only be CONFIRMED after we’ve checked with the venue for availability, which can take one more day after we’ve already guaranteed the minimum number of participants.

When booking, the CONFIRMED and the PENDING experiences will be debited. If there isn’t enough people for the experience to take place and it is CANCELED, the monetary value is automatically refunded. In PORTGALL we aim to guarantee that more than 90{e280cd0a79a3fe4cb4265769e85d624fcefc8615ebf282aa4e2ddfed3eb3ed66} of our experience sessions take place, because we’ve designed them in a way they need only a small number of participants to be CONFIRMED.

What are the available payment methods?

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Portgall products can only be purchased with PayPal.

Can I pay on sight, when I arrive at the starting point?

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There will be few of our products with this payment method possibility, but it will be signalled when this is effectively possible.

However, when using this method, we might not be able to guarantee your participation in the experience, because some of them are limited to a short number of participants. Therefore, we advise you to previously book and pay for your experience with PayPal.

Is PORTGALL a travelling agency?

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No. PORTGALL is a tourist entertainment company, registered under the serial number 4/2014 in the National Register of Tourist Entertainment Companies, as required by Portuguese and European Law, and regulated by the Tourism of Portugal, as the legal body that regulates the tourism businesses in Portugal, securing an insurance to cover personal casualties, and civil liability as required by law in the exercise of tourism activities.

Am I insured?

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Portgall protects its clients with both liability and accident insurances. Some of PORTGALL’s partners have complementary insurances for our clients too, this time related with their line of services.

I'm unhappy with the experience. How can I tell it to Portgall?

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PORTGALL is truly interested and concerned with its customer’s satisfaction. Therefore, we won’t just assess their satisfaction rates on a regular basis, but also provide a specific phone number for customer support and complaints, in order to guarantee a fast and adequate solution for any given problem, and make sure you make the most of your trip to Porto.

Any complaints will be treated carefully by our Costumer Support Department, as a procedure of the Quality Management System, always under the supervision of the highest level organization units.

When's the best time/season to visit the Porto and North of Portugal?

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Porto is a city one should visit during the whole year, taking the most of its transformation throughout the seasons, as well as to enjoy the various events that take place during all year. Porto is a living city, full of interesting activities all year long.

The same applies to all the rest of the North of Portugal, where you’ll find a different landscape with each season, with new smells and new tastes. Every nook and cranny of this region has its secrets and history, and each place here is unique and worthy visiting anytime.


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