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Foggy Mornings in Porto

08 Feb, 2016, By Sílvia

Waking up in a cold morning in downtown Porto can be like an experience in one of the pages of the Grimm brothers’ books. The moment you open the shutters of your window, a magical, fairy-tale like panorama fills your eyes, taking you back to your childhood times. Or at least it does that to me, and so I hope it works the same magic for you.

The streets and alleyways are flooded with mist, and moss hangs from the rocks in the walls, like green candlewax burnt by trickster pixies the night before. Sometimes, in the more shadowy, dampest corners, you’ll spot some mushrooms blooming on the cobblestones on the floor, and you’ll wonder if there’s some little creature hiding behind it.

It’s easy to get lost in Porto’s historic centre on one of these phenomenal foggy days, when even your everyday route will seem completely different as you wonder what you’ll find by the next corner. The city changes immensely: people bump onto each other in the most deserted paths; in the distance, the red and yellow car lights look like torches burning in the misty roads of the past; and the river is nothing but a memory, even when you’re right by its side.

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