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About Minho

Minho is a vast, green and vibrant region. Famous by its jaw dropping landscapes, its rich savoury food, and let’s not forget the warmth and kindness of the people, the cornerstone of Portugal’s greatness.

In Minho one can find true peace of mind, amidst secular pine and oak trees, wild fauna such as boars, mountain goats and horses, and rivers and streams that constantly refresh the marvellously scented air, and invite you to a bathe.

But Minho is also a region of great devotion and religious heritage. Here you will find huge monuments and cathedrals secluded in the middle of the woods, old monasteries filled with tradition, fantastic stories and mysticism, but also small and beautiful roadside chapels where one can always find a lit candle blowing in the wind. This is where you can find some of the most unique paths of the Portuguese Road to Santiago.

Braga, the so-called capital of Minho, is probably the most religious site in the country. Filled with old churches, monasteries and an impressive cathedral, here one can sense Portugal’s true catholic roots. A young city with deep roots reaching into the depths of Portugal’s faith.

Guimarães, the city where Portugal was founded, was declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2001. This city will take you on a marvellous journey back in time. The gothic architecture, the medieval castle, the royal palaces and other noble accommodations that have endured the passage of time will show you why we’ve got a major crush on this city.

But Minho isn’t only never ending woods and mountains, or fable castles and stories of great warriors and princesses. In the Viana do Castelo district one can gaze upon the blue, immense Atlantic ocean, visit fishing villages and taste some of the best products Man brings from the sea to the dinner table.

By the way, did you know that the Viana do Castelo city was considered the “Mecca of European architecture” in 2009 by the Wallpaper magazine?

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The ever-green Region

It’s one of the greenest places in Portugal. Nature in full splendor, from the Gerês National Park to the never ending breathtaking beaches. Hickers and surfers will not be disappointed, for sure.

A marvellous journey back in time

Home of the Green wine, bacalhau (salted cod) and feudal palaces. The deep north of Portugal has to offer the most beautiful monasteries and churches.

Hanging out with the aristocrats

The Minho region hosted the most powerful noble families since the early days of the Portuguese nation. Guimarães, the cradle of Portugal and a well preserved medieval town, will amaze you with the beautiful manor houses, palaces, monasteries and churches.


Trip advices

Our insider’s tips to help you prepare your trip

10 Things To Do In Minho

20x20/calendar Created with Sketch. Try the Rojões in Ponte de Lima;
20x20/calendar Created with Sketch. Dive into one of Gerês’ many lagoons;
20x20/calendar Created with Sketch. Climb Bom Jesus’ whole staircase, in Braga;
20x20/calendar Created with Sketch. Visit the Castle in Guimarães;
20x20/calendar Created with Sketch. Visit one of the many weekend fairs and markets around the region;
20x20/calendar Created with Sketch. Canoe down the Lima river;
20x20/calendar Created with Sketch. Visit Braga on the 23rd of June and live the famous São João;
20x20/calendar Created with Sketch. Take a surf lesson in the wonderful beaches near Viana do Castelo;
20x20/calendar Created with Sketch. Try the famous vinho Verde in one of the many wineries or adegas.
20x20/calendar Created with Sketch. Climb through and up the Calcedónia mountain.


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