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Porto, the European Best Destination

03 Mar, 2016, By Sílvia

For the second time in the last 3 years my hometown was selected by the consumers as the European Best Destination.

From all 20 different destinations, Porto was the grand winner, gathering the highest number of votes from consumers all over Europe, not that this should be a surprise. Always unique, crisp and modern, my city is described as “exceptional”. It is not only a different city in another country, it is the perfect combination of “history, architecture, culture, gastronomy, trade, encounters and discoveries”, all together. Porto is like a living and evolving antique postcard.

Despite agreeing completely with these statements, I must still add that Porto is, above all, a place made of people; genuine, humble and friendly people. And if the people are the city’s blood, then tradition is its spirit; and Porto must be proud of being so grandly and ancestrally spirited.

I love my Porto, and it’s heart-warming to see that foreigners love it as well.

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