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Differentiation factors

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Guias locais experientes!

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Experiências concebidas para os sentidos!

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Abordagem rica e criativa!


Disponibilidade de última hora, escapes de aventura ou apenas o melhor negócio



“We loved our little taste of Porto! Thank you for making our stay so exceptional. The city is beautiful and we have never had such an amazing experience. You went above and beyond at all times. Thanks for a great time.”

Brad B., UK - January 2016

“Porto is a different trip, especially if you let get lost with the friends of Portgall, different because you will experience another Porto to the one we are used to. Today, I’m taking you around the city I saw, smelled, heard, touched and tasted through the five senses….”

Virginia Capellà, ES - July 2015

“If you are visiting Porto and really want to get under the skin of the city in a short space of time, then I highly recommend you book a tour with Portgall. They are very versatile, so if you don’t see a tour you like, drop them an e-mail, and you can create your own tour.”

Paul Farrugia, UK - August 2015


O nosso guia de especialista


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