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The Pilgrimage of Lúcia

Sister Lúcia plays a key role in the projection of Fatima in national and international panoramas. This Experiential tour tries to show you her journey of faith, and unravel how this different settings have played in her history and the one of Fátima.

For this reason, this tour starts in Fátima in search of her years of pre-appearances childhood, seeking to discover the reality of Portugal in the period before the First World War as well…

The next day we will visit the Carmel of Santa Teresa, where Sister Lúcia will die in 2005, see the reflections and questions which arose in this period of his life, as well as study the memorial of Sister Lúcia.
We also unveil this monumental city – Coimbra – where she lived most of her life. Coimbra is a city with religious monuments and academics worth a visit and contemplate.

Then we will know the first point that Sister Lucy is fixed after leaving Fatima – the city of Porto. We’ll visit the Vilar seminar, we will know very interesting stories about this period in which she sought to be identified, and visit the Sardão College where she will end up much later.
The city of Porto has a deep connection to Fatima, as it is a city consecrated to Mary, where the Virgin’s presence is very strong.
For this reason, it makes sense to make a Marian path to discover the baroque churches in Porto. A deeply meditative moment.

The importance of Galicia in the life of Sister Lúcia forces us to address Tui – an important city in her religious life. It was in this city that Sister Lucia will take temporary vows (in 1928) and then the final (in 1934).
Tui is a small border town with a very rich medieval core, where it’s very pleasant to walk and listen for the footsteps on the sidewalk stone.
Many kilometers away from Fatima we’ll find the House of the Congregation of Saint Dorothy in Pontevedra, where he took refuge Sister Lucia in 1925 and which began as a postulant.

This pilgrimage has a new meaning when visiting Santiago de Compostela, especially the historical center and its famous cathedral, which sister Lúcia visited, too.
Before going back to Fátima, we will go through Braga (known as Bracara Augusta during the Roman times) the huge religious capital of the Northwest of the Iberian Peninsula before the emergence of Santiago de Compostela. The city of the archbishops. It is a place with a marvelous religious heritage that we will know better.
Sister Lúcia spent many of her holidays in this city, that’s why it is important to know this city to find out which were the pilgrimage places of her life.

On the centenary of the apparitions of Fátima, we challenge you to walk along the steps of Sister Lúcia, know her words and the moments that marked her life … Remember her views, her reflections…

Duration: 3 days


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Tour development

The Pilgrimage of Lúcia

Day 1 Morning - Fátima

A route in Fátima, including the Sanctuary, Valinhos and other places of interest related to sister Lúcia’s life and the pastorinhos (shepherd children).

Afternoon - Coimbra

Travel to Coimbra. A walk through the city and watching a Fado session ( performed by locals). Dinner and sleeping in Coimbra.

Day 2 Morning - Coimbra

A visit to Saint Teresa’s Carmelite Convent and to sister Lúcia’s memorial. After that, a visit to the University of Coimbra. (lunch in Coimbra).

Afternoon - Vila Nova de Gaia

A visit to the Sardão school to find out how she lived there. Then a short visit to the sister Doroteias’ School in Vilar where interesting stories will be told and remembered. (dinner and sleeping in Porto).

Day 3 Morning - Porto

Walking tour through the city Porto showing the importance of the religious aspects and Mary in the history and in the churches of the city. (lunch in the city).

Afternoon - Tui

Departure to Tui. Walking tour in the city, visiting some of the important religious monuments including the Cathedral of Tui. (dinner and sleeping in Valença).

Day 4 Morning - Pontevedra

Departure to Pontevedra. A visit to the House of the Congregation of Saint Doroteia and to Saint Clara’s Convent in order to show the importance of these places in sister Lúcia’s life. A walking tour through the city to find out the historical/religious heritage of the place. (lunch in Ponteverda).

Afternoon - Santiago de Compostela

Departure to Santiago de Compostela. A visit to the Cathedral and to some places which marked sister Lúcia. (dinner and sleeping in Santiago de Compostela).

Day 4 Morning - Braga

Departure to Braga. A visit to the Cathedral of Braga, to its historical centre and to Bom Jesus of Braga. (lunch in Braga).

Afternoon - Fátima

Returning to Fátima.

To bare in mind:

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In this experiential tour we put all the knowledge that we gathered during the development and delivery of this experience. We have the aid of a priest who is also a University teacher, to confirm all the details with all the care attention and dignity this issue deserves. We also want to show a different, new and creative approach to the topic and to tourism which makes it possible to experience a more intense and profound voyage.

In this tour we try to make a story which goes beyond the words and that will provide you a deep and outstanding experience; a real experience of inner pilgrimage- guided by a priest.

Groups and religious communities:

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This tour is particularly interesting if experienced by a religious community because the rhythm of the prayers, the meditation and celebrations can be perfectly adjusted to the rhythm of the community. Besides you can experience the pilgrimage ( with the memory of sister Lúcia) with your group or community stimulating the dynamics of the group and at the same time ripen your faith.
We have special offers for communities and religious groups. Please contact us.
Some exclusive services for religious communities can be asked for a specific date which will be analyzed and have a specific budget.


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