Traditional Cuisine in Porto: ‘Francesinha’ post

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Traditional Cuisine in Porto: ‘Francesinha’

12 Sep, 2017, By Sílvia

Have you ever imagined how it would taste to wrap three or four different types of meat and sausages in two slices of bread, bind it with melted cheese, and then sink it into a boiling hot sauce of beer and tomato? Well, stop wondering, we do it in Porto!

It’s called a Francesinha (“little French one”) and it’s one of this city’s trademarks. Inadvisable for those who are on a diet or with a faint heart, and way far from haute cuisine, this enormous and heavenly delicious sandwich is among the favourite dishes in this city. I personally love it. Well, I wouldn’t eat it every day, but that’s only because I cherish my life.

It was thought to be the Portuguese adaptation of the French Croque Monsieur, the Francesinha has become part of Porto’s way of life. When a group of friends gather up to watch a football game or just hang out to chat, they will certainly eat this hot, epic dish. In fact, no matter where or when you order it, the Francesinha is best served with cold beer and among friends.

It’s also a dish for the whole family. Mine enjoys it as much as I do, so once a month we go out just to eat a Francesinha. It’s something we can’t resist. and an excellent excuse to reunite my loved ones.

The Francesinha has become part of Porto’s folklore too. There’s even a Francesinha Fest, which takes place once or twice a year around town, where you can try an enormous variety of this marvellous dish: the “traditional” one, the game Francesinha, the veggie ones, and even some made with fish and seafood. Nowadays there’s no excuse for not trying a Francesinha.

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